About Me

Hi there! My name is Minsooky. You may know me from my Youtube channel (also called Minsooky), where I post videos about the ethics of beauty and fashion.

I’m glad you’ve decided to visit my blog, where I hope to talk more in depth about beauty and aesthetics.

The amount of beige is bordering on ridiculous!

Here’s a quick run down of what Minsooky is…

Minsooky is a passion project of mine, started in 2012. It’s taken from a nickname I was called in middle school, which I subsequently used to post my art in online galleries, like Elfwood.

Initially I followed the lead of beauty bloggers, reviewing new beauty products and posting makeup tutorials covering the latest trends. As the years passed, however, I began experimenting with makeup, using my face as a real life canvas.

At some point I asked myself: Is beauty more than skin deep?

For the past few years, I’ve explored this question on Youtube, Instagram, and finally on here – hooray! As it turns out, there’s nothing “shallow” about beauty. In fact, it illustrates an important history: That of gender, sexuality, society, and the human experience.

I look forward to sharing what I discover, and hope you’ll tag along on the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is makeup your job?
A. Nope!

Q. What’s your actual name?
A. It’s Ann, without the E!

Q. Where do you live?
A. I live by St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Q. What’s your background?
A. I’m half Korean, half white. I was born in Seoul, and came to America shortly thereafter with my mother.

Q. What do you use for your white foundation?
A. From 2016 to 2020 I used the Kryolan TV Paint Stick in 070 exclusively, set with a white setting powder from Ben Nye. Now that I’m switching to sustainable makeup, the white foundation I use varies (see my recent shironuri videos to see what I’m using).

Q. What got you interested in shironuri?
A. Back in 2015 I came across an interview of Minori, a prominent shironuri artist. Her style reminded me of Malice Mizer, a J-rock band I was obsessed with way back in middle school (which, for me, was the late 90s). I decided to give it a go. Throughout the years, I’ve discovered it’s the perfect medium for expressing myself visually through art.

Q. How did you learn about sustainability?
A. While zero waste experts like Shelbizlee have been incredibly helpful, I spend a lot of time reading articles, scientific research, and any books I can get my hands on. As an extra bonus, my husband is an environmental science major, so I’ve got a lot references at home to use.

Q. How did you learn to do makeup?
A. Nothing special! I just watched Youtube makeup tutorials and practiced on my face at home. I started doing this in 2011, so I’ve been practicing for a long time.